Postgraduate students can publish their work through a wide selection of journals and conferences. But their primary output, the PhD thesis or masters dissertation, often ends up in paper format in their local university library and is rarely referenced by the larger research community. Dissertation.co.za is an online library that aims to make PhD and masters dissertations easily accessible to a large academic audience.

Note to authors

Please note that the copyright of your masters or PhD dissertation usually resides with the registrar of the university you registered with. Please obtain permission from the registrar, before uploading your dissertation. It usually takes a simple e-mail request to obtain the permission.

It is interesting to note that universities do not have a problem with postgraduate students submitting their work to commercial conference and journal organisations, who will subsequently claim ownership of the work and financially benefit from the postgraduate's work. Yet, when postgraduate students want to submit their work to an open, non-profit online library, special permission from the registrar is required. Dissertation.co.za officially objects to this practice and hopes that it will be revised by the university communities.

If you would like to upload your dissertation, please register and log on. Follow the "Dissertations" menu item, where you will find the "Submit File" link, which only appears for logged-on users. The dissertation itself should be uploaded in pdf format, with a maximum file size of 10MB. No other formats will be accepted. The title of a website entry should be the author's name, followed by the title of the dissertation. The description should include

  • The university where the postgraduate degree was registered 
  • The dissertation details, what kind of degree and when it was passed
  • Where an official hard-copy is obtainable
  • Some keywords, to make searches easier
  • a short extract of the Abstract. Please keep the extract brief and to the point.

Have a look at the following example entry, to keep the look-and-feel of your submission the same:

Scheduling in CDMA-based wireless packet networks.

The thesis may only become available to the public several days later, as it will first be moderated by an administrator to prevent abuse. If you require a new category or subcategory, or require further help, please submit a message via the "Contact Us" page, which only appears once visitors are logged on. 

Legal Notice

Dissertation.co.za will not be held liable for any copyright violations nor plagiarism committed  by authors. Authors must be prosecuted directly. This website is used at own risk.